We invent new ideas.

And identify existing solutions to address difficult problems.


We identify and prioritize solutions to stakeholder needs through a creative and robust exploration of the solution space.

We begin by distilling stakeholder needs statements down to their root cause. This identifies the starting point for innovation: a clearly defined and bounded innovation target.

Once a clear set of innovation targets have been extracted, we combine cross-disciplinary ideation and technology scouting activities to identify novel and existing (e.g. from adjacent markets) solutions that address those targets. Our structured tools and graphical communication provide a roadmap of potential technical approaches, clearly linked to each innovation target and underlying need statements, insights, and observed customer behavior.

As well as identifying existing technologies, Clinvue can also build cross-disciplinary teams and apply these, within the framework of facilitated group sessions, to the creation of new and novel solutions.

solution landscaping


Iterating this process, we cluster solution sets and prioritize ideas against stakeholder, business, and feasibility criteria, ultimately delivering our clients a landscape of feasible, high-impact potential solutions linked directly to market needs.

A Unique Value to Our Clients:

  • Challenging preconceptions
  • Leveraging client, in-house expertise
  • Maximizing innovation potential
  • Diversifying the range of perspectives and skill sets tackling a problem
  • Visually mapping needs, targets, and potential solutions


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