Smart Innovation.

By addressing underserved needs.


Clinvue Process

i3 Process

We passionately believe that to be successful, medical device innovation must address underserved needs.

Furthermore, innovation must meet the underserved needs of an appropriate set of vested stakeholders beyond the traditional customer. This is why you hear us talk about Voice of the Stakeholder in preference to Voice of the Customer since stakeholders are not necessarily customers (your own sales organization for instance).

We also see cases where a key stakeholder has been overlooked to the detriment of sales and clinical adoption. In one case a large population of clinic based patient educators simply disliked a product and chose not to demonstrate it to patients in favor of a competing product.

value chain and stakeholders

Clinvue works to understand the value chain and hence stakeholders in the round in order to optimize product (or service) performance and market success.

It is from this ethos that our i3 Insight Informed Innovation medical device innovation process architecture is born.