We Discover.

Attractive market opportunities and define actionable innovation targets.


Clinvue specializes in primary research within the healthcare environment, combining detailed qualitative observational research techniques with interviews and group discussion to uncover both expressed and unarticulated stakeholder needs.

Our cross-disciplinary teams of design researchers and clinicians analyze the root cause of market insights, translating them into actionable need statements that are clearly defined, contextualized, and bounded.

We compliment this with quantitative research and analysis, enabling us to measure the business value of those innovation targets which helps inform our clients' investment decisions, as well as define the most fruitful areas of opportunity.

opportunity definition

Benefits of Opportunity Definition:

  • Uncovering unrecognized innovation targets that can provide the foundation for breakthrough products
  • Guiding clients toward new products, product improvements, cost savings and future trends
  • Ensuring that need statements are correctly chosen and clinically/market/business relevant
  • Clearly formulating the innovation target in the language of product developers and marketeers
  • Graphically contrasting the level of satisfaction with the importance of a stakeholder need to highlight gaps and discontinuities
  • Highlighting opportunities for business/product/service differentiation and/or cost savings


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