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Clinvue Collaborating with Rice University TMCx and BIODESIGN to Link Industry Experience with Education

Clinvue has commenced a series of lectures and student clinics at Rice University TMCx and TMC BIODESIGN aimed at sharing our innovation methodology and industry experiences with aspiring biomedical entrepreneurs.

We are pleased to be sharing our experiences and innovation process with the Texas Medical Center Fellows at Rice University again this month, and look forward to future engagements.

About TMCx

The Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx) couples the resources of the world's largest medical center with the innovative spark of entrepreneurs. They facilitate the development of early-stage digital health and medical device companies and, unlike most accelerators, they do not charge membership fees or require equity from their companies.

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TMC BIODESIGN is a one-year innovation fellowship program that brings together highly talented individuals from engineering, medicine, business, design, computer science, and research to create digital health and medical device soltuions. Innovatino Fellows are supported with the leading experts and resources of the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world. 

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