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About Clinvue

We are a team of physicians, innovators, researchers and product designers specializing in medical device innovation.

Dr. Jonathan Sackier
Founding Partner, Board of Directors

Dr. Jonathan Sackier

Trained as a surgeon in the United Kingdom, Professor Jonathan Sackier was recruited to the United States in the 1980’s and helped develop laparoscopic techniques. He has held numerous grants, been widely published in peer-reviewed journals and books, and serves a number of editorial boards and medical societies. Due to his leading work in medicine, he has been invited to operate and lecture all over the world and has been honored by several countries and medical professional societies

Jonathan has participated in the development of many medical technologies, some his own inventions, others the work of collaborators. From stem cells in the 1980’s, to his work with Computer Motion to bring the first commercial surgical robot, AESOP, to market all have been in the healthcare field. He has also launched a number of other companies and brought several inventions to profitable fruition. He has consulted for various healthcare companies, and sat on the Associate Board of AdvaMed and several medical corporate governance and advisory boards.

Jonathan has been a regular commentator on television, radio, and in the press and he also developed celebrity patient advocacy campaigns such as the Carnie Wilson web-cast which drove increased attention to bariatric surgery.

When not working, Jonathan is a passionate aviator and believes that life is too short for poor wine or tardy aircraft. His credo is “embrace all that life has to offer for you spend a long time dead.”

Paul Fearis
Founding Partner, CEO

Paul Fearis

Paul obtained Masters Degrees in both mechanical engineering and industrial design and as a consequence has been involved in product development throughout his career. As Technology Director at London based PDD Ltd he helped bring a steady stream of medical and consumer products to market before moving to Sagentia Group in the mid-90’s to help build the product development capability there. Years of innovation and product development consulting followed; to both Fortune 500 and start-up companies around the world, with Paul becoming increasingly immersed in the development of innovation tools, processes and thought leadership. He is a regular speaker at international symposia and conferences, evangelizing around his passion for the front end of innovation; he frequently IS the Voice of the Customer.

Originally a Brit, Paul moved to the USA in 2001 and became President of Sagentia Inc. with responsibility for US operations and developing Sagentia’s US client base, particularly in the medical device arena. It was in this role he was named in the Smart100 by SmartCEO Magazine.

An entrepreneur at heart, Paul always sought the opportunity to start a new business and in Jonathan and Brandon found the outstanding partners he was seeking, leading to the formation of Clinvue, a company which marries his passion for innovation with his love of understanding people, solving worthwhile problems and giving back through its partnership with Starlight Children’s Foundation.

When not working, Paul is also an avid aviator and has an irrational love of Lotus Cars. He quotes Douglas Adams to sum up his journey so far “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

Brandon Craft
Founding Partner, COO, Head of R&D

Brandon Craft

Brandon trained at Virginia Tech in industrial design, focusing heavily upon user-centered design principles and processes. He began his career at the international consultancy, Sagentia, where he was regularly involved in the entire innovation process. Prior to co-founding Clinvue, Brandon was one of Sagentia's thought leaders on voice of the customer research, industrial design, and concept development, heading-up and codifying these functions within the company's US operations.

Brandon is passionate about invention and helping people, striving to seek out unmet physical and emotional needs to inspire creativity. The majority of his career has been focused on customer-led innovation in the healthcare environment, traveling to care facilities in the US and around the world; translating discoveries into tangible product and service concepts. Brandon is regularly to be found gowned and masked in an OR, interviewing leading opinion leaders or working with physicians, nurses and managers around his ever present sketch pad. In 2010 alone, Brandon was listed as a primary inventor on more than 15 medical device provisional patent applications for FT Global 500 companies.

Brandon also enjoys working with design and innovation programs at local universities such as Johns Hopkins and Virginia Tech. In 2010, he was elected a position on the board of directors for Virginia Tech’s school of Architecture and Design, where he works to improve communication between industry and education.

In his spare time, Brandon can be found sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, fabricating things, or exploring a new region of the world.