Fresh Insights.

Better communication between healthcare professionals and innovators.


In any company, good innovation is built on a solid foundation of fresh insights into market needs and desires.

There are many ways to obtain insights – a combination of stakeholder observations, interviews, and participatory research techniques yielding the most fruitful results.

Over the past decade, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to conduct stakeholder research within medical facilities and obtain fresh insights due to a number of factors including: government regulation, lack of understanding, and fear of litigation.

pons device
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Helius Medical PoNS Device

Clinvue was formed because we saw the adverse effect that this gradual segregation of industry from market was having on innovation, including;

  • Market Inefficiencies
    We saw how painful it was to gain access to the healthcare environment and bring unmet needs to the hands of innovators.

  • Prohibitive Costs
    We saw how expensive and inefficient it was becoming to have mainstream consultancies carry out primary research.

  • An End Without Means
    90% of our clients were highly creative, but often just stuck in a rut, tied-up in tradition or simply overworked.

A Cross Disciplinary Approach

The result is a growing network of medical facilities and clinicians who trust Clinvue's methodology and practice. We take a truly cross-disciplinary approach to understanding market needs and generating innovative solutions. Our deliverables are immersive and media-intensive – taking our clients 'into the moment'.

Clinvue is passionate about improving medical device innovation through better communication between healthcare professionals and innovators.