We synthesize ideas.

Into highly visual product concepts linked to a robust customer requirements specification.


We translate ideas into compelling product concepts through an iterative process of industrial design, user testing, and technology development.

Clinvue's concept definition process focuses on generating a robust Customer Requirements Specification that will drive subsequent product development and market strategy efforts, while maintaining traceability to constituent needs, test results, and design decisions.

Our approach begins by organizing/deconstructing ideas generated in Solution Landscaping into concept components, or clusters of ideas, that address one element of a final product.

ebola suit prototype
Ebola suit prototype

An example of this would be core functionality (address primary stakeholder needs), features (address lower priority needs), and technology (the science or design that enables a functionality to occur). Combining solution elements (organized by core functionality, secondary features, technologies) into clearly visualized concept embodiments and reconstructing these into spectra of solutions enables us to obtain direct feedback from key stakeholders and inform the iterative concept development process, validating an approach before the expensive product development stage-gate process is initiated.

This Delivers Unique Value to Our Clients By:

  • Coalescing abstract concepts into easily understandable product embodiments
  • Facilitating highly informed decision making very early in the development process
  • Forming a key foundation of the design history file
  • Ensuring the product development team has focused market need data to inform downstream design decisions


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