Clinical Access.

An international network of healthcare facilities and professionals.


We facilitate access to an international network of healthcare professionals and care facilities for on-site and off-site primary research.

This unique capability helps alleviate the need for our clients to pressurize their sales force or lead users for clinical access, an increasingly undesirable internal pressure and legislative issue.

In addition, we can provide key opinion leader (KOL) support for strategic workshops, filtering exercises, and creative sessions. Clinvue provides this access with full-service consulting support and facilitation, enabling our clients to concentrate on clinical insights rather than planning and logistics.

clinical access

Benefits of clinical access:

  • Providing unbiased (client/brand agnostic) independent access to market insight
  • Creating a firewall between hospitals and OEMs/ODMs to negate conflict of interest
  • Efficiently and reliably delivering fresh market voices


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