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We are a team of physicians, innovators, researchers, and product designers specializing in medical device innovation.

Our proprietary network enables us to see and hear market insights from clinicians and healthcare management professionals across the globe.

Our proven voice of the customer research and front end innovation methodologies enable us to discover new opportunities and invent novel concepts and solutions.

Our low overheads and intimate access to healthcare deliver our clients outstanding value in primary research and creative technology innovation.

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Every day, in Ebola-affected countries, healthcare workers perform critical tasks that save lives and prevent the spread of the virus. Personal protective equipment (PPE) offers critical protection, but is a source of stress and discomfort, limiting wear-time to no more than 40-minutes and impacting the amount of care that can be provided for patients. In addition to this, lengthy infection control measures and complicated instructions leave no room for error, putting workers at risk.

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